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:The Spline F3B Model:

A non-commercial F3B project by John Rasmussen and Jan Hansen in cooperation with Benjamin Rodax and Peter Wick.

Latest News


Many years, no update.... But We have been building, flying and enjoying our Spline F3B model.

But now its time for a new Spline, see the 2D drawing above or here : , and also our Facebook group "Spline 2"


Niels , John and Jan

See some CAD pictures of the Spline at the bottom of this side.

3-plan view of the Spline


Today we have moulded a fuselage, see pictures and text at the very end of the building page.


Long time no update...  actually 2 years time has passed with no updates on

But we have been building and flying our Spline models.

We have made many different types of helping tools for cutting out materials etc.

We have  now almost found the "final" layups for all the parts (yes we know, there is no final layup...) , and our blowing up of the fuselage is working good now. Also the webbing in the wing we have found a good solution for now, instead of only vertical balsa.   

We have been flying the Spline in the Danish national F3J and F3B competitions in the last years now, and we are really satisfied with the Airplane.  

2 weeks ago John won the Jutland championship F3J , both the qualifing rounds and the final (3000p)

Today and tomorrow John is in Sønderborg, where we are building some parts for the Spline. (and eating good food :-)  )

Today we also painted the fuselage moulds , so tomorrow we will maybe laminate one fuselage.

Hopefully we will post some more text and pictures in the future about our building and flying.  


The Jutland championship in class F3J was held in Varde, with 3 Splines joining, and here you can see the results.

Pictures might come later...


The Danish Championship F3B was held in Sønderborg this weekend, and here you can see the results and some text in Danish...  

And here you can see a lot of pictures taken by Claus Olsen..

Best speedtime with the Spline was 15,36 by Jan (second best time after Søren Krogh´s 14,73 with his Ceres)


We just taken the new wings out of the mould, they are stiffer and lighter ...

the waight is: right wing 650g left 653g, redy to fly !


The Spline Team was joining a new wing yesterday, and we would like to show you some of our new templates for gluing the servoes in the wing at the right place!!.

These templates are lasercut in 4mm PMMA plates. In Denmark you can get a lot done someplaces if you just bring some "Danish" ....   :-)

Have a look at the "Building" page!


Finally some news again from the Spline team. 

We will be making a new fuselage mould (Same geometry) , because when we made the first mould we used some moulded positives of the innercone from the RaceM-X, aligned to the fuselage positives.

Though we measured a lot when aligning these innercones to the fuselage, the finnished mould had a mis-alignment of appr. 2mm at the nose end.  So at all the fuselages we have made so far, we have joined the innercone section after it was taken out of the mould.

So we desided to make a new positive for the innercone, attached and align it well to the fuselage positive , and make a new mould then.

At the "Positives" page, you can see some pictures of the new innercone positives.

Flying???  Hmm, since mid december we have had a lot of snowing here, and about 30-40cm lying on the ground, so Spline flying has been very little, but now the snow is melting, so hopefully soon we will get some sticktime on the Splines:-)   


The Spline #1 has joined its first competition, as Jan was attending a Fall flying F3J contest at the 14-15 november at Sorø on Seeland. The Spline #1 behaved well, and finished on a 3´rd place after Jesper Jensen on 1´st place (flying on same team as Jan) and Søren Krogh on 2´nd. (Btw both Søren and Jesper is also from Sønderborg...:-))  

The Spline is handling the duration task good,and we started on 150m winch, and it made good starts all 11 rounds.

Here is a link to the results and here is a link to the local gliderclubs homepage with a few pictures.    Picture nr. 2 is Jesper throwing the Spline (only the V-tail is with on the picture..)

Spline #2 is finished, and John and Claus Olsen went by Jans place for some Spline talk and planning of the next Spline steps..  we took some pictures of the Spline #1 and #2 :

Breaking News!!


Spline #1 is finished and has made its maiden flight.

After finishing the Danish Championship F3J in Varde, we made 1 flight with the Spline in 10-14 meter/sec. wind.... so we continue trimming on a day with less wind.

From one flight in hard wind, we offcourse cannot say anything yet about how the model flyes, so lets see...

John on the left , Jan on the right , and our baby in the middle :-)               (photo:

Ready to make a hand throw.                                                                       (photo: )

John is making a good and hard throw.                                                         (photo: )

John getting the model back.                                                                         (photo: )

Ready to go.....                                                                                              (photo: )

                                        (photo: )             

On its way....  John is only taking his hands to the head to prevent his hat flying of in the strong wind, its not because is is scared...

Nice shot, thanks to a very good photografer who was on the flying field that day. (all these pictures is taken by:  thank you very much)

Nice Clouds....   Nice airplane.... :-)                                                              (photo: )

Touchdown... (notice the tail is still in the air...)                                            (photo: )

Contest director Arne Bruun is taking a Spline picture :-)                             (photo: )

And then some pictures of the finished model from home:

The lamp is mirrored

The total weight og Spline #1 is 2257 gr. before flying in the CG properly.

To be the first Spline this is very OK we think.  The fuse is hard to make lighter than it is now, but on the wings we can still save some weight we think.

BTW , on the "building" page we also added some pictures of putting in the servoes etc, before closing the wing moulds.  Go and have a look...

Then we would like to say thanks to all you out there following our project, and to all of you that has written emails and thread inputs in the forums to us , from everywhere on this planet...  

From now on I think the updates will be more selten, but be sure there will be some news anyway now and then :-)

Regards John and Jan


Added picture of ballast and spacers for the ballast , at the building page.

Tommorov afternoon Jan is going to John, to help building in all the servos, RDS pockets and wires in the first wings, before closing the moulds.


Added pictures of the Harness for the wing at the "Building" page.


The Spline team met at the Highway E45 when John and family passed the Southern Denmark, on their way home from Italy, and we used the opportunity to transfer some Spline data between our 2 cars....

Also added some new pictures on the building page:  painting and RDS system..

And John is building on the wings right now.... so stay tuned....


Now all the moulds are ready, have a look in the mouldarea


Added pictures of stickers for masking of the wingmoulds, look at the building page.


The undersides positive is now finished polishing , thanks to Andrea, (and a Scout camp...) see the positives page.


The positive is now moved home to Jan, and the polishing can begin...


The positive for the undersides is finished milling, have a look at "positives"

Ever wondered if the 21 of June also are a sunday in Denmark?


Milling of the last wingpositive for the bottomsurfaces of the wing is ongoing........the Makino is running...


John has finished the mould for the top of the right wing. Pictures under the "Moulds" page.

Jan has made some small parts for the Spline, and started collecting used/broken full Tungsten carbide mills for Spline ballast.  See the "Building" page.


John has made a new lighter V-tail, with Disser tissue, see the Building page.


John has made the first negative mouldhalf for the wing, see the pictures at the "moulds" page. 


The positive for the winguppersides is finished , and is delivered to John.

See pictures at the "positives" page.


After 2 weeks holiday in China , Jan is back and is finished polishing of the first upperside for the wing, see the positive page.

Also the remaining CAM programs for the underside positive is finished now.

And an endplate for the wingpositve, that will hold all the cores (Ejectorpins) to make all the holes in the rootsection is finished, it came out of the wire EDM machine earlier this week. (no picture yet)


Just added some pictures of the first finished positive for both wing-uppersides.


Pictures and Videos of milling the first wingpositive for the Spline is added under "positives"

We have now almost (still missing one program to run....but now it is sunday evening and the weekend is over...) the first block with both upperside winghalfes milled :-)

The other block for the undersides will follow later. 


Milling of the first wingpositive is ongoing........


Pictures of the V-tail under "Building"


Pictures of the first Spline fuselage is put under "Building"


We have made 11 servoplates ready for the Splines , see how we did under "Building"

Also 1 picture of the Support/Safetybars under "Positives"


Pictures of the fuselage mould added under "Moulds"

The mould looks good, we are happy with the quality :-)


We have been "Splining" all night in John´s workshop, and we have laminated the mould for the fuselage, see pictures and text under "Moulds", and now we are just waiting until monday evening, where it is hardened, before we can take the mouldhalfes of the positives.....  Can´t wait.. 


Happy new year to everybody looking at our webpage, just added more pictures under positives, and Saturday and Sunday Jan will go to John´s place to prepare building the moulds for the fuselage.

Can´t wait...


New pictures of fuselage positive added under "positives".

The christmas holiday is coming in, and this gives an opportunity to work more on the Spline project, it is just like christmas...:-)


Some screenshots from making CAM programming added under "Positives"


Added pictures of gluing the 2 Alublocks together for the wing underside, and some pictures of grinding, under "Positives"


Splineteam is moving again.... see the "Positives" page


Finally some news again, this time under "Positives"


Small updates on "positives" and "building"


Under "Moulds" pictures of building the moulds for the v-tails added.


Added some pictures of the first joiner under "building"


Jan is at John´s place , with some aluminium parts, and some of them with CFK inside... see "positives" and "Building"


Added a screenshot of a measurement of the v-tail positive, under "positives"


Just added some pictures under "Positives" of the positive for the part of the fuselage between the v-tails.


We have began to mill a lot of parts for the Spline.

We have milled both positives for the fuselage,

both positives for the v-tail including some small inserts for the v-tail-positives that will form a groove in the v-tail moulds where the cfk linkages will fit in, when gluing them in the v-tail.

 We have milled a mould for these linkages, a mould for the  vingjoiner, a mould for the v-tail joiner (4 cavities) and a mould for the rear cover (2 cavities)

See pictures under Positives and Moulds in the menu.


3-plan drawing added, and some pictures added under Positives.


Some CAD pictures added of wing positive and v-tail positive.


Spline Webpage initiated.

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