The RaceM-X flown by Jan Hansen at WC 2007 in Emmen.


The Spline with positive flap. 


The Spline.....

Curvature Analyze in Unigraphichs NX5


 The design of the Spline F3B model started as an idee of making some new wings for the RaceM-X fuselage that Jan Hansen made for the RaceM wings from Espen Torp.

So new wings means that we need a good profile.... and they are not easy to find anymore, so we contacted Benjamin Rodax from Germany, and Peter Wick from Switzerland, now living in Copenhagen, and asked them if they could help us with making a good profile and a good planform together for the wing. They agreed , and you can read more about that on the Aerodynamics page.

OK, a wing with a new profile means we had to remill the aluminiumpositive that we used for the RaceM-X fuse, to fit the new profile on the new wing.

And then we we looked at the shape of the RaceM-X elevator against the new wingshape...... they where quite different, so we decided also to make a new tail, and this time it should be a 2-piece V-tail.

So we then changed the whole fuselage from the nosecone and backwards, to fit the new wing and new tail.

And what was then left of the RaceM-X??? only the cone and the innercone, so it was actually a new airplane that needed a new name also.

After long time of thinking we decided for the name : "Spline"

A Spline is a curvatured curve, mostly used in CAD systems, and actually a F3B model consist almost only of splines in the CAD........

 After many inputs from our aerodynamic department (Benjamin and Peter) Jan designed the Spline in the CAD system Unigraphics NX5.


3-plan view of Spline



The Spline Team 2008