Most of the moulds for the Spline model, we will build in GFK, but some of the moulds we mill directly in aluminium.

This is the mould for the homemade CFK linkages for the V-tail (See picture under Positives page)

The mould is doing both the left and right linkage in one time.

The idee is to put in a CFK tube filled with rovings and epoxy, then close the mould , and then press ekstra epoxy in the mould trough the little hole in the middle, to fill out the remaining air in the cavity.


The one mouldhalf still in the Matsuura after milling it.


This is the mould for the wing joiner.  Notice that the joiner will have a Radius 3mm at all 4 edges, this is done because we want to have a Radius 2,5mm in the corners in the fuselage and in the wing, to prevent sharp corners = cracks


This is the (4 cavity) mould for the V-tail joiner.

As the top part of the mould have 2mm high V´s , and the mould has round "run-ins" it is both possible to pull the rovings trough or/and compress the rovings by screwing the mould the last millimeter together with the rowings in the mould.


2 cavity mould for the Cover for the V-tail linkages.

The GFK can be cut off after the edges of the mould, and it will fit on the fuselage exactly...


A lot of good stuff from www.hp-textiles.de


The V-tail positives with a layer of mould-epoxy


After the mould-epoxy we use 1 layer of 110g/m^2 glas and then 4 layers of 660g/m^2


Then we just have to wait .....

The 2 first moulds for the V-tail is ready !

But they are not very good :-(


It is mayby difficult to see, but there is a small error just a  little left of the joiner

So we try again !


The next V tail mould is mutch better !

It looks okay .....

Mayby it even looks very good :-)

The nosecone mould !

John is preparing the positives for building the moulds for the fuselage.

We are using some modelpaste to fill all the grooves around the cavity with.

Also the small mould for the top of the fuselage is ready to be moulded over.

Jan is doing the finish of the modelpaste in all the small corners...

All the accesories is put in place

2 ejectorpins for making the holes for the guidepins for the v-tail.

We have decided to build the fuse and innercone in one piece , so John has made some innercones from the RaceM moulds and we have integrated them with the alu-positives.

The frames are mounted all the way around.

Both halfes with Formenharz

John´s new Multicutter , it is super fast and very good, only 199,- DKR (appr. 40 $)

Epoxy with Cottonpowder in all corners and edges, and the first layer 105g/m2 glasfibre.

After that we use 3 layers of 660g/m2 glasfibre.

Blähglaskugeln (Poraver) mixed with epoxy is filled up in the mould.

Suddenly there came 2 ninjaes attacking us.... Anton to the left and Jakob to the right ,

before going out to play in the snow.

On top of the Poraver we have put 2 layers of 660g/m2 glasfibre.

Before the Epoxy is totally hardened we cut the edges with the vibrating cutter.

The job is finish, and now we just wait for the epoxy to harden.......



The Small mould for the end of the fuse.


The first look.



After grinding the edge.



Ready for Wax !


First we remove the small parts for the joiner etc.



Under the guidepins in the positive, we have M6 threads, so vi kan press the mould of the positive with screws.


The innercone positive is still in the mould.


Cores for making the joinerhole, guidepinholes and connectorholes in the Fuselage.


The finish of the moulds are good...

Both Mouldhalfes without the topInsert

Again, but with cores and v-tail-joiner mounted.


One half, with the insert, cores and v-tail joiner

Closer look.

All 3 mouldparts together.


We are happy with the quality of the mould :-)


We have done the first wing mould ....

It is difficult to take pictures while you work alone :-)
First a layer of mouldepoxy
Then cottonpowder with epoxy
1 layer of 105g glas
3 layers of 660g glas (formbaustyling)
6 cm "blähglaskugeln" (Poraver)mixed with epoxy
The next day on top of the "blähglaskugeln" other 2 layers of 660g glas
Then wing root
The first look




The next mould for the top of the right wing is now ready:

It is even better than the first one  ....

Now I only have to wait for Mr. Spline South on the last positives..... :-)


Master Jan with his new Carbonfiberglasses 

Root of the of the positive for the underside

The last mould for the underside

John and Jan is sanding the partingplane on the leading edge, to remove the little extend material that the slot with the "modelliermasse" leaves.  This also makes the edge of the mould totally sharp.

Almost ready, only wating for the sky.........

fits well !

The holes for the joiner and the ballasttubes

The whole family

Children who have not seen their dad the last long while..

From left Jacob,Anton,Emil and Andrea




The Spline Team 2008